Protecting Floors

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Regardless of what type of flooring we may have in our homes, we always try to ensure that we do not damage it in anyway. Obviously flooring is pretty tough but it can still be scratched or otherwise damaged when we move furniture around. Perhaps we were only moving furniture in order to sweep underneath it or we were moving it because we were relocating but whatever the reason we had for moving that furniture, it is damages the floor, the floor is still damaged and will have to be repaired.

What we have perhaps always needed was a way to prevent furniture from damaging flooring but until now, there has not really been anything that could help. Now however there are furniture buffers. More can be found out about exactly what these are at but basically they are pads made from very super compacted felt which can be placed on the feet of furniture to prevent them causing damage to flooring whilst being moved.

As these felt pads are super compacted, they are strong and durable and so once they have been glued in place on the feet of furniture, they can remain there for the rest of the furniture’s life, making it easy to move as well as making it movable without causing damage. Once you buy a pack of these pads there is not even any need to buy any glue as each pad has a glue already on the back of it so all you need do is remove the cover from the glue side of the pad and put in place where you want it.

As our furniture will usually have different size feet, perhaps one size for the chairs and another for the tables, the pads come in packs by size but there are variety packs which have a variety of sizes in them. These pads are designed for use with furniture but if you want to avoid scratches to your tables by ornaments, you can use them on the bottom of ornaments too.

Of course though as they were designed for furniture, they may be a little big for ornaments but if they are that is no problem as they can easily be snipped down to size with a pair of scissors. More recently the furniture buffers, which have only been black in the past, are now available in clear, making them more suitable for use on the bottom of vases and similar objects. Although you will obviously only buy as many packs as you think you will need, you may still have the odd pad left over but it won’t be wasted as there are many other uses they can be put to around a house.

Some people have used them to stop cupboard doors banging noisily whilst others have placed them under their laptops, raising them to allow air to move all around the laptop keeping it cooler. You though, will probably find your own unique uses for them.